Buyer's Checklist

These are all items that should be completed prior to your closing.

HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE: After receiving bank loan approval, arrange for your homeowner's insurance. A binder or policy will be required at closing. If escrowing for insurance, the lender will need to know your annual premium amount several days prior to closing, as well as have the lender listed on your policy as a loss payee.

Call to transfer utilities and pay deposits.
Be sure that the utilities are in your name on the day of closing to avoid hook up charges and/or damages due to a non-functioning pump or frozen pipes.

Des Moines Water Works: 515.283.8700
Ankeny Water Works: 515.963.3565
Mid American Energy: 888-427-5632
Consumers Energy: 800-477-5050
Black Hills Energy: 800-890-5554

Arrange for phone installation, trash, and cable hook-up
Century Link: 800-244-1111
Vonage: 866-243-4357
Ankeny Sanitation: 515-964-5229
Waste Management: 515-265-5267
Metro Waste Authority: 515-244-0021
Artistic Solid Waste (Recycling): 515-262-4040
Mediacom: 800-332-0245
Iowa One Call- Call before you Dig: 800-292-8989

Notify the post office of changed of address
Ankeny Post Office: 515-963-8387
Des Moines Post Office: 515-283-7714

Ankeny Police Department: 515-965-6440
Polk County Sheriff: 515-286-3333
Ankeny Fire Department: 515-965-6469

Ankeny Community Schools: 515-965-9600
Des Moines Public Schools: 515-242-7911

YMCA: 515-965-8800
City of Ankeny: 515-965-6400
Kirkendall Public Library: 515-965-6460
Bus Service: 515-283-8100
Ankeny Drivers License Station: 515-224-1052

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